Unfortunately Gale did not make the cut for "The Seeing Eye". She was placed with a family.

Falla has finished her training in 2013 and is currently a guide dog in Vermont

Quanda finished her training in 2012 and is currently a guide dog in Michigan


           Starting with Quanda, then Falla,  customers have seen Lisa raising dogs for "The Seeing Eye".  This is an organization that provides guide dogs for the visually impared.  A puppy is placed with a puppy raiser around 7-8 weeks of age.  Puppy raisers provides basic training along with certain word commands. (We call it puppy boot camp). Our puppies do  community work, they are well socialized and we take them shopping with us. We  take them everywhere they allowed to go. We also attend monthly meetings.  The puppies stay with the puppy raiser until they are 12- 16 months old. They will then return to "The Seeing Eye" to complete their formal training.  


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